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Bodo Muche


(1939 - 2017)

Bodo Muche

German born Australian sculptor Bodo Muche spent a childhood exploring Germany’s forests with his father, renowned entomologist Heinz Muche, which ignited a life long fascination with Nature.

Cultural influences from his home city of Dresden, including heritages of the fine arts, museums, classical music composers and Bauhaus artists such as Georg Muche, fused his passion for nature with the arts. Bodo initially trained under masters of the Museum of Natural History in Berlin. Studies included zoological science, anatomy, art history and design, as well as all phases of sculpture. Inspired by the 17th Century French school of naturalistic sculptors “Les Animaliers”, his works capture the true form and essence of their subject.

Drawn to Africa, he began many years of travels and scientific expeditions in the diverse cultures and environments of that continent. Residence and studios in Tanzania, Kenya and Botswana over seventeen years provided a wealth of experience and played an integral part of his development as a sculptor and scientist. It was during this time when the sight of a free-jumping Sailfish in the pristine waters of the Seychelles Islands, inspired Bodo to create his first sculpture of a game fish. Bodo Muche’s deep commitment to the world’s wild places and concern for sustainable conservation took him around the globe exploring, observing and sculpting.

Bodo and his Australian wife and partner Robyn, also an artist and naturalist, met in Botswana. They departed Africa in 1978, established a family home and Bodo Muche Studio – Foundry at their secluded bushland sanctuary “Mt Glenhowden Park”, in Queensland, Australia. Together they managed the Studio and travelled extensively presenting exhibitions internationally.

Bodo was a master sculptor whose classic style continued to evolve as a contemporary naturalistic artist.

The enduring works of art by Bodo Muche are found in prestigious collections internationally and continue to inspire generations of Anglers.

Bodo Muche Studio – Foundry

Bodo Muche Studio – Foundry was established by artists Bodo and Robyn Muche in 1978.

Under the direction of Robyn Muche, together with daughters Carley Muche Walker and Tania Muche and in collaboration with a team of artisans, the Studio produces the Fine Art works of Bodo Muche.



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